My time traveling romantic comedy, A Wife Worth Living, was written to give me a way through the stress and fears of caring for my wife after she had a stroke while we were living in Mexico. Twice I thought she had died. Without my asking, I believe God gave me the whole outline while I was driving an egg truck to Portland. He still does that sometimes; I mean, gives us messages. Writing this also enabled me to keep up my spirit and gave me a chance to have some fun with God.

     Its sequel, just released, The Blood of Champions is my attempt to make sense of our suddenly darkened world and to offer some comic and spiritual relief for the frazzled and fearful. It is also designed to bring hope and discerning clarity in a day where both are being sold off to the highest bidder. And as a bonus, it provided me with some much-needed mental and spiritual therapy. I hope it will do the same for you.   

Author: Changing from Glory to Glory

I am a Vietnam, combat, bronze star, honorably discharged Army veteran, “not recommended for reenlistment,” according to my separation documents from the U.S. Department of Defense. Not that I ever intended to. Vietnam wasn’t just about giving us hippies an excuse to get high and medicate our anger, but it was an attempt at stopping Communism’s aggression in Southeast Asia. We failed, and millions of innocent Vietnamese and Cambodian people died, the eventual result of all tyrannical takeovers. Now, in my latter years, I find myself fighting Communism again, here at home, and it’s even uglier up close. I’ve been a born-again believer since 1977 and spent fifteen years as a pastor/missionary in Canada and South Africa. I have also been disfellowshipped by two, large church organizations. Now, I live on the northwest Oregon coast, and with the help of my beautiful wife Laurie, I write romantic, time traveling comedies about the Apocalypse.

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